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Chaîne à étais

European marine chains manufacturer

Plateforme offshore

Manufacturing offshore chains and accessories

Chaînes Charle de Gaulle

Production of non-magnetic chains for military

Marit, Chaîne à étais

Manufacturing of special chains


Specialist marine anchors and accessories

Défense de quai

Mooring products and defense platforms

Marit, Chaîne offshore

110 years experience in the manufacture of chains


A team welded to your service

Our commitments quality

We strive to offer the best quality possible for our customers

  • Chaîne à étais

    110 years of experience in the chain

  • Plateforme offshore

    Products adapted to your needs

  • Contrôle calibrage

    A demanding quality policy

"Our flexibility has always been our strength"

Who are we?

European producer of high-strength steel chains

For more than 110 years, the MARIT Company has been manufacturing and supplying high resistance steel chains and accessories for applications such as offshore, military navy, maritime and ports. Thanks to its significant expertise, MARIT distributes its products in France and worldwide.

MARIT can supply chains, Studlink chain or Studless chain and accessories according to the ISO 1704, IACS W18 & W22 or tailored to specific requirements, and according the major classification bodies specifications. We can offer chains in grades 2 or 3 for navy applications, and R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5 for offshore applications.

All our products can be manufactured in different steel composition such as stainless steel or non-magnetic. They can also be coated with coaltarage, epoxy paint, hot galvanization.

Thanks to our significant experience, our team of experts can advise solutions which will best suit our customers’ needs.


Offshore Chains – Mooring chains – Specials chains

Stud Link Chain

Explore our chains

In our catalog you will find our range of slac, studlink anchor chain or open link chain grade 2 and grade 3.
You can also find our range of specific chains and accessories OFFSHORE sector as R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5, such as SPM chafe chain, mooring bridle and OCIMF central triangular plate...

All our chafe chain are conform at OCIMF 88, OCIMF 93 and OCIMF 2007.

We also manufacture Fender Chain, buoyancy chain or other accessorizes for port equipment.

Ancre S70

Explore our anchors

In our catalog you will find our range of anchor: Danforth anchors, Hall™ anchor, Pool™ anchor, AC14 anchor, S70 anchor, S90 anchor, flipper delta™ anchor, anchor stevpris™ (hark,fix, mud..)

Émerillon fermé

Explore our accessories

In our catalog you will find our wide range of accessories including our markup products : Joining Shackle, Kenter Shackle, Kenter connecting link, Swivel forunner, Pear Link, Heavy duty shackle, oblong plate...