To guarantee a product of quality and safety product is our priority

Banc de traction
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The company MARIT is very concerned to provide quality products, all its equipment and its quality organization meet the standards of certifications and approvals under the sectors of the offshore, naval and military.

MARIT recognized ISO 9001 and the approvals of IACS (LRS, Bureau Veritas and Shipping AB ...)

The hot-galvanized chain is the product that offers the best ‘protective corrosion' and 'economic performance'. The quality of the zinc used meets the standards NF EN 1179 and NF A 55-111.

In a continuous improvement process and through our efficient technical installations, we offer our customers various services on the following points :

  • Galvinizing
  • Test events
  • Maintenance and verification of products
  • Quality control
  • Heat treatment

Test service failure loads

The MARIT institutions have more traction benches, allowing to experience the products to loads of 8300 kN over 13 meters long. We provide by providing complementary services, our traction benches for making your own product testing. It is possible to make you loads of tensions or ruptures on hooks, slings, cables, textile slings or other product compatible with the dimensions of our tests benches.

Essai épreuve de tension
Charge de tension chaîne mécanique